Internet on the move with Maxview Roam!

Poor 3G/4G and Wi-Fi signal on your travels?

Internet connection on your adventure can often be disappointing and intermittent. Often the 3G/4G signal on your phone is weak or even non-existent as you venture further into remote and rural locations. Even with the campsite or moorings Wi-Fi the bandwidth can become congested with many like-minded users. The result is a poor and slow connection and often just browsing the internet is a chore and streaming your favourite TV show is not even an option.

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The Maxview Roam uses a powerful external roof mounted antenna and an internal powerful router. The solution is a reliable and secure Wi-Fi hotspot for your vehicle.

The Maxview solution is unique as the Roam helps you get better internet in two ways.

1. 3G/4G Signal

Firstly it can use a 3G/4G signal to get you Wi-Fi. This is the Roam’s most powerful solution. With the powerful external antenna it can pick up signal often where your phone will get little or none.

2. Wi-Fi Source

Secondly it can also be used to connect to a useable Wi-Fi hotspot. This solution uses the powerful aerial on the Roam Router. This allows you to minimise data use on your SIM card* when a reliable Wi-Fi source can be found.

Either way the Maxview Roam has you covered to maximise your internet connection on your adventure.

Click the button below to download the Maxview Roam product brochure (opens PDF).

*SIM card not included

Download Maxview Roam Brochure
The Maxview Roam is available now for a fully fitted price of £550 - call Martyn on 07914 401036